So what happens next ?


We are excited for you and want to help you in your life-long journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here are three steps that may help you :


1. Tell another Christian of your decision

You may like to tell us using this link - Tell Us


2. Read the Bible

The Word of God is the basis for everything we do. Getting to know God's Word will not only help you to grow in Christ, it will nourish your life and teach you God's ways and His will for your life.


Here are some links that may help you :-

3. Develop friendships with other Christians

Friendships you make with people you meet at church services, as well as small groups or other activities, will provide an atmosphere of care and fellowship in which you can grow in relationship with one another and with God.

If you don't already go to a church search online for evangelical churches in your area of your country.

There are directories for the UK and USA but for churches in other countries you will need to search the web.


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