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  Open 10:30am till 1:30pm on weekdays  (Last orders 1:15pm)


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Café Aroma - Sample menu -  check in Café for current menu & prices.

Please place your order at the counter and give your table number.
DRINKS     SANDWICHES (white or brown) with salad garnish £1.70
   Tea 50p    Tuna and sweetcorn
   Tea / Pot 60p    Cheese and onion chutney
   Coffee (Traidcraft instant) 50p    Ham and tomato
   Chocolate £1.20   TOASTED SANDWICHES with salad garnish £1.80
         Cheese & Tomato  
Speciality Coffees        Cheese & Ham/Pineapple   
   Cappuccino £1.20      Cheese & Onion  
   Café Latte £1.20      Cheese & Ham  
   Mocha £1.20 PANINI with salad garnish £1.80
   Americano £1.20      Fillings as above  
   Espresso £1.20   JACKET POTATO with side salad £2.20
         Grated cheese   
Squash        Grated cheese / coleslaw  
   Orange / Blackcurrant 15p      Tuna  
         Tuna / sweetcorn  
   Toasted Teacake 60p      Grated cheese  
   Slice of toast 30p      Grated cheese / coleslaw  
   Scone / butter / jam 60p      Tuna  
         Tuna / sweetcorn  
This is only a sample menu -  check in Café for current menu & prices.